Jr. Musicals!!

I wanted to take a moment to apologize for waiting a full month to acknowledge my students who were in Jr. musicals, the last weekend in April. Here are pictures with 2/3 of these great kids, after some truly wonderful performances. I missed a great picture opportunity with Caroline, who played Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Jr. Her hard work paid off and she shined so brightly on stage!!

I cannot wait to see all that these kids will do in the future.

Andrew gave such life to the over-the-top King Julian. He worked hard to be comfortable with going big in the personality department and it showed!
King Julian. Madagascar, Jr.

Maddie was absolutely adorable in her role as Chip. She worked to get that perfect balance of good singing practices and little kid sound; I was so happy with the end result!
Chip. Beauty and the Beast, Jr

2022 Spring Recital

Watching my students perform and show others how much they’ve learned and grown and have to offer the world is always a highlight for me. My spring recital is over and I am so proud of this bunch. I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for them!

from left to right: A. I love my office … it’s cozy and just large enough to warm-up together and hang out for a few minutes before going down for our recital. Here’s my studio, minus one who could not attend and a few students I’ve been starting these last two weeks. B. Our program (Spring Recital 2022. Dan Kimpton is absent from the photo’s but a recording of him singing was played during the recital.) C. (bottom) Post-recital, happy faces!

Instruments of Peace

I just found this gorgeous recording from 2021. I am so privileged to have been a part of Millikin’s University Choir and as equally privileged to have sung for this alumni project. Much love to all my choir friends everywhere; high school and college. When you sing together, you create bonds that last a lifetime.

Instruments of Peace
Millikin University Choir Alumni
Winter 2021

Summer Studio Workshops!

Summer workshops are now open!

Details at:
* facebook/kellermanvoice
* kellermanvoice at gmail dot com
* in this blog, just scroll down!

Karaoke Nights:

$10 – 1st time
$5 – 2nd time+

$30 – 1st time
$15 – 2nd time+

$2.50 – concessions

This will run the 1st four Wednesdays in June from 6:30-8 and is rated PG for families. All other summer dates will be announced as scheduled. Check out my facebook page! facebook.com/KellermanVoice

Group Classes:

$40 total

Two Age groups offered:

entering or completed grades 6-8
entering or completed grades 9-12

This is 2 classes, 2 hours each.
Tuesday, June 14 & Tuesday, June 21.
4-6 (younger students)
6-8 (older students)

Audition Workshops:

$25 per student, per workshop
OR $
40 Bundle for 2 workshops.

Two Age groups offered:

entering or completed grades 6-8
entering or completed grades 9-12

This is 2 classes, 2 hours each.
Tuesday, July 12 & Wednesday, July 27
Attend one or attend both!
4-6pm (younger students)
6-8pm (older students)

Karaoke Nights!

Coming in June, Karaoke Nights! RSVP to get a spot at kellermanvoice at gmail dot com!

Learn how to sing into a mic and in front of other people all while having a fun night karaokeing with friends! Bring a friend, bring your family!! Interested? We’ll see you in Kristi’s garage, the first 4 Wednesdays in June. Don’t know where that is, email her at the address above!

Karaoke night with Kellerman Voice is rated PG and is, largely, for ages 12-18 and their families.

Road trippin’!

Hello all! I realized I haven’t checked in with you in almost a month. I have no excuse except for the business of life. I’ve been road trippin’ and working hard. I’ve spent nearly 60 hours in the car, these last weeks, and I have to say that my husband and I have a very eclectic taste in car music. My car singing defintely leaves something to be desired, too! What do you listen to?