Workshops & Karaoke are back!

Workshops are back and I’m excited to see you!

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Karaoke is back and I’m getting my garage ready for YOU! I can’t wait to hear you sing.

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If you want to come and need the details, send me a message at: kellermanvoice at gmail dot com

Students in Musicals

A belated CONGRATULATIONS to all my students that participated in shows February-April. I’m so proud of these talented and hard-working humans!!


November 8, 2022

Hey all!! I sent emails and my newsletter and so many texts with my studio, but neglected to share some pretty big information here. So. Here it is, a bit delinquent, but here … I had ankle surgery and cannot get myself up those big beautiful steps at the Dole. Lessons will be in my home (nearby) until I’m able to climb steps (and not butt scoot) once again! Thanks for your understanding!